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I am approaching eighty-two years young and retired as a Supt. of Schools in AZ with an earned doctorate in Ed. and Policy Studies. Beverly just turned seventy-seven and spent thirty two years as a dental professional (dental hygiene). We have a large blended family of seven children, thirteen grandchildren and even great grandchildren. We have the resources to travel and see places and things, but serving in His kingdom has captured every fiber of who we are because He first loved us.​

About The Pastors

​​​Grace Ministries Church

About Our Pastors / Grace Ministries Church

For several years, Beverly and I have known that God’s call was on our lives. It was something planted so deeply inside and we became increasingly unsure about how church was supposed to act and look. We yearned desperately for His Presence, His Glory in a tangible way and finally experienced His Presence and Power ten or more years ago at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. We both received our healing at Bethel (Osteoporosis and torn rotator cups in both shoulders).

Ten Years ago we planted Florence Vineyard Church in Florence Oregon and functioned as a community church but just recently because of circumstnaces we could not avoid, our name was changed from Florence Vineyard Church to Grace Ministries Church.  We have mission outreaches in central India and churchs in the mountains of Mendanau Phillipines that we support monthly and we always welcome additional support... Check us out by using the drop-down button labeled "missioins".